How to Epoxy a Garage Floor

While hubby was out of work we decided to make our own work and we flipped 3 houses. It was not easy and we were not sure what we were going to make on the houses, but we were fortunate to do extremely well on the first one which helped carry us the remainder of the time before hubby got a job.  We did just about all the work our selves. We learned how to do most of the things by doing them on our own four houses first.
When we did these flips, we made sure the houses were what they call turn-key ready. That is everything is ready for the buyer to move right in and they didn’t have to do anything. Here is a garage of one of the houses we (flipped) renovated.
 2009 082

This is before.
This is after we painted all the walls and applied an epoxy paint to the floor along with sprinkle paint chips.
We are going to tell you how you could do the same to your garage!

2009 082
Another before from another angle.


2009 081

Another after!

2009 080

1. Before you start the floor it is extremely important to have the cement really clean! The process is explained in the instructions. We explained how here.

2. We painted the edges first and did not put the sprinkles on the vertical parts of the cement.


3. We then started to roll the paint in small sections at a time so we could reach to add the optional sprinkles which we think look better, hide dirt, and makes the floor less slippery.
We found if you put the sprinkles in an empty parmesan cheese bottle, it works great to add the sprinkles.

5. We also used a brush to get into the cracks before the larger sections are rolled.

It is important to work quickly, because the epoxy, once mixed, only has a short time before the whole gallon hardens.

Once again the before and after.

How to Epoxy a Garage Floor
We have done this on four garages and each one looks great and is so much cleaner looking and easier to keep clean.
What do you like about the look of the epoxy?
Doug and Sharon Heasley
(Parents of a Dozen)
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  1. wow, what a difference! looks great!

  2. Love it! What an amazing difference it makes :) I can never understand why people fail to paint their garages. . .it really finishes everything off so well. How much does an epoxy treatment run?

  3. I have always wanted to do this to our garage. I just love it. Thanks for breaking the process donw for us.


  4. I hadn't even considered it. Our garage is detached and my husband always makes a mess of it, so I never go in there, but now I'm thinking I need to do this. It's an amazing transformation!

  5. Great post! The Hubs and I have been tossing around the idea to Epoxy our garage floor for a while. I even noticed that SW carries the product and now I'm just waiting for one of their fabulous 40%off sales!!! I will be featuring you this week on Amaze Me Monday :D

  6. That looks SO nice. My grandparents always kept a super nice, clean garage, it was like an extension of the house. I hope to do this one day! And it's awesome that you have so many helpers :)

  7. Thank you for the nice comments. Yes, it is nice to have help because the epoxy dries fast so you have to work fast.

  8. The garage looks beautiful - what a transformation. Do you mind sharing what epoxy product you used. I know there are several out there.



  9. Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Navi,
      Thank you! We recently did another garage floor on a house we are currently working on. It makes such a difference!

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