How to Rescreen a Screen

In our house we have had to re-screen several of our windows for one reason or another. Usually it is the back door slider or the screen door, going to the garage. This last time was from a storm we had last year. Our trampoline blew into the back of the house, and we had some damage to the back of the house including a few screens. Look at the trampoline mangled on the patio.
Here is the siding all dented and the window on the bottom is cracked.
DSCI1171 Our Rainbow swing set got demolished also.
DSCI1154 Here is one of the screens that tore and needed to be rescreened. Rescreening is an easy, do it yourself job.
The first thing to do is to lift out the spline, which is the black rubber piece used to hold the screen in. I used an utility knife to pry it out.IMG_3185
Then the spline could be pulled out.
The screen will just lift out.
I bought a roll of screening which we have done numerous windows and still have a good amount left.
Cut the screen larger than the frame. Then crease in the groove with this little tool that is designed for, and needed to put the new screen and spline back in. I think it is only a couple of dollars.
You could then put the spline back in using the other end of the tool. You could by new spline if the old spline is really old or brittle. It is easier if you pull on the spline a little and then roll in. I usually end up with a little extra and then just cut it off. It also helps if there is someone helping  you to gently pull the screen from the other side.
Then use an utility knife to cut the excess screening off. Make sure the knife is facing away from the screen so it does not cut the part you don’t want.
IMG_3192          Then the screen is as good as new.IMG_3194
Have you ever had to rescreen a screen?
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  1. i had no idea it was that easy. thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  2. Great post! Very detailed, but easy!


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