Hiding Clutter with Your Decor!

Trying to have a neat house is always trying for me. Even when the house is neat, there is always that STUFF I need to have handy but I don’t want to see it all the time. So I am going to show you how we hide our clutter and incorporate it as part of our decor. I showed when we rearranged the family room and kitchen here.
The shelf in the corner with the two baskets holds our DVD player (very small black thing, on the first shelf, on the right) and the baskets…

…hold some of our DVDs (the rest of them are on a book self in the basement.)
The other basket holds some baby toys that are easy to bring out for our little big baby. (Almost 11 months old now. WOW! I can’t believe it.)
This basket holds reading glasses, phone, pens, and pencils. I have this next to the couch for easy access. 
This basket in the middle of the mantle holds matches/lighter, the key for our gas starter and a candle snuffer. I really like to light candles.
I added this basket for extra throw blankets. We use to have a trunk we used as a coffee table that held them. I also keep some blankets folded over the chairs.
The remotes for the TV and DVD player are kept in this drawer. It needs a knob for it which I was going to do until I thought it might be better to wait so my little one won’t be able to get into it.
I have this little shelf over the counter that holds our phone, our ipod and ihome. It has the outlet right below it which makes it easy to plug in.
This is one of our end tables. This drawer holds some prayer books.
This basket has our diapers, home made baby wipes and Diaper Cream. (Only the best for our baby.)
These are our canisters that I use for popcorn, Celtic sea salt and chargers for our phones. We use the outlet behind them when charging our phones.
These baskets are used for keys, markers (I keep them high and away from the little ones) and miscellaneous items.

This black organizer holds our calendar, schedules (school, dance, baseball & work) and other papers (which I just cleared out). 
To tell you the truth this counter is kind of a collect all. I struggle with what to do with all the junk things that get shoved there. (Lots of mail and anything and everything.) I will go through periods where it stays nice and neat and then there are times I can’t control it.
I will have to show you how I organize our pantry (the door on the left) and the upper cabinet that holds a lot of papers, glue, phone books, cook books, and misc., soon.(After I clean them out!) LOL!
How  do you hide your clutter?
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  1. I think everything looks great. My kids are grown and it's just the two of us, but I STILL cannot keep up with the clutter. I keep pitching stuff, but I swear it's sneaking back in somehow.

    1. Thank you! I couldn't agree with you more about the clutter sneaking back in.

  2. I love using curtains. Our bedroom is very small so we took the closet doors off & hung a pretty set of curtains over the door way. To hide the electronics in our living room I hung a tension rod inside the shelf & hung a scarf that fits perfectly inside the shelf. I slide it back & forth to open it when we're using things & close it when we aren't. It's also a good way to hide cords at the back of shelves, just hang the tension rod & scarf at the back instead of the front.

    1. I actually did do this in the girls room a while back to hide the things on their shelves and I have curtains for a couple of closets instead of doors. One in the basement where there were no doors and one in a bonus/girl's room where there was no closet at all.

  3. Baskets are awesome! thanks for linking up to my link party


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