Hallway Transformation!

I am so excided! We finally installed the hardwood floor that was sitting in our hallway for a year. (See the boxes on the left.) We used the flooring (3/4 inch thick tongue and groove hardwood) that was left over from our main floor. You could see a post on that here. It looks so much better! What do you think?

Wood Floor in Hallway before and after

Here is our hallway from both directions before the hard wood.


1. The first thing to do is to remove the baseboards and then the carpet. Use pliers to pull the carpet along the edges to release it from the tack strips.

2. The padding then needs to be removed. This is done by just pulling the pad off. The staples that held the padding down need to then be removed with a screw driver and/or pliers. See all the dirt that was under the padding. (disgusting!!!)


3. Use a screw driver to remove the tack strip from the floor. We saved some of them to use to reattach the carpet that is by the doorways.


4. Cut the door jams so the wood will slide under them. We use a multi purpose tool on a scrap of the flooring being used to get it to the right height.


5. Then lay out the tar paper (roofing felt), (or Red Rosin paper could be used) and use a stapler to secure it to the plywood subflooring, This paper is used as a moisture barrier and to minimize squeaks.


6. Find a starting point and use a chalk line. We used a laser to set up our first run of wood and we used the edge of the railing base as a start for this job.




7. We cut out the old stair nose (the top piece of the stairs) and replaced it with a stair nose we bought unfinished from a flooring store and finished it ourselves.

8. We started out the wood going away from the railing. When it was time to go in the other direction we used a reversal strip (we bought ours at a flooring store but you could rip one 1/2”x 1/4”) that allowed us to use the nailer going in the opposite direction.

In the picture below I am using a scrap piece of flooring to tap the piece of wood into place.


9. A power nailer or power stapler, which hooks over the edge on the tongue side of the board, is used to secure the wood to the floor.


10. When the wood gets close to the wall this type of nailer doesn’t fit so we used a another type of nailer to secure these pieces. (The nail holes need to be filled in with  wood putty to match your color wood.)


It is nice to see the progress!


The wood is done!  We only had four pieces about 18 inches long left. We just have some finishing work to do.
11. To raise the carpet in the adjoining rooms and attach it flush with the wood we added a piece of 1/8 inch board, the width of the doorway and 8” wide, under the padding. We put that about a 1/4th of an inch away from the wood flooring. We then attached the tack strip on top of that.


12. Cut the padding even with the tack strip and the carpet even with the wood floor, with a utility knife.


We then stretched the carpet to reach over the tacks and pressed into place. I am sure it would have been easier if we had one of those carpet tools to stretch the carpet.





We then replaced the base boards. (I still have to caulk and touch up the baseboards. There is always something!) This is the floor done! YAY!!!


The other direction.
(The things in the room are our supplies we were using.)


Here are the before and after pictures again.

Wood Floor in Hallway before and after

Let us know what you think. Would you ever consider doing this project yourself?

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  1. This looks great! I'm so impressed.

    You must be so pleased to have this job complete and also be relieved that you don't have to walk by those boxes anymore!

    Enjoy your new floors. :)

    1. I know the feeling Sharon.

      We had a treadmill in our bedroom that was just removed recently.

      I don't know how you do it all. You should share tips in a post and we can Pin it!:)

    2. That would be a good idea. I will have to try and put something together.

  2. You guys are such hard workers! I admire that. You've done another beautiful job! Love those hard wood floors.


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