Moving Day!! Tons of Decor!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. This past Friday and Saturday we moved furniture, decoration, and staging items out of our investment home. We are scheduled to close on Tuesday, Finally! I pray everything goes well this time.
Several of our children helped in the move. 


Look at all of the STUFF! The whole time I was saying, “What are we going to do with all of this?”
Well, we have been cleaning out, de-cluttering, and simplifying our house the past several weeks. This is what our living room has been looking like. Our furniture for this room has been at the other house,  being used for staging. So I have been putting things in here and then moving them out to the garage. We are getting ready for a garage sale. You can see how we have one here. I was really purging this time knowing that we were going to have to bring the other furniture and decorations back into our house. I am getting rid of some things that I have not been able to part with. One of the things is the doll house on the right. It was mine when I was young. I just don’t have the room.
Some of the staging items were borrowed from family members, and a lot of it was from our house. It is nice to have it decorated again. Below is the same room as above. Much nicer
Here is the basement.





I still have more rooms to work on.
We were able to get everything into our house or garage except the things I will be returning tomorrow after the close.
Easter morning we went to 8:00 am Mass and had my in-laws over in the afternoon for dinner and then we went to my sisters house for dessert.  With everything going on, this is the extent of our Easter Decorations. These are colored Easter Eggs that we blew out the egg, and now decorate with them. Have you ever done that?

IMG_2316 Easter Decor
This is my daughter, Rachelle (12), who loves to bake and cook.  She made this Lamb Cake to bring.  She used an Almond Pound Cake recipe. It was sooo good!
IMG_2323 Rachelle and Lamb cake

IMG_2324 lamb cake
The children had a lot of fun playing with there cousins and there was an Easter egg hunt.

What do you like about our rooms?
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