Homegrown Peach Baby Food

This is the first year we actually have peaches on our 4 year old peach tree. They are so juicy and delicious. We are also getting a lot of other food from our garden. IMG_2542
I really like to try and eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. So having fresh fruit in the house is great.IMG_2538We picked pick about three of these bowls full and still have some more to pick.
IMG_2541This is our little baby, who is 6 months old. She started eating baby food about a month ago.  She really likes these peaches.
IMG_2552I peeled the peaches, cut them into small pieces, and then I was able to mash it with a fork. I could have use the blender or food processor, but these peaches were so juicy they mashed easily. Who wants to clean unnecessary dishes? lol
IMG_2545Do you ever make your own baby food. I like the fact that I know exactly what my baby is eating; no additives, no preservatives,  no msg…

Do you ever make your own baby food?

Let us know your baby favorites.

What does your baby like?

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  1. ooh yes. I make all my food for my son! His fave's seem to be broccoli, beets, carrots and cantalope! (but he also enjoys eating a turnip/rootabaga blend, peaches/spinach blend, eggplant, and yams! He doesn't seem to care for the texture of green beans! haha) I loove knowing exactly what he's eating, and that it's not a bunch of sugary food.

  2. I totally agree with knowing exactly what is going into the food when you make it vs. buying it! I made all my daughter's baby food (still do!), and plan to do the same when our next baby arrives later this year. Because we never bought a single jar of baby food, I couldn't tell you how much money we may have saved with making our own, but I can comment on how good an eater and how easy the transition to table food was for us all. Our daughter's current favorite foods are black beans, cauliflower, and just about any fresh fruit you give her. We invested in the small 4 oz. glass canning jars, and I 'make ahead' meals one day each weekend. Works great for us!

  3. I like the jar idea. I will have to try that. Thank you for the comments.


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