31 Days of Tips to Get Out of Debt!

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For the next 31 days we will be joining hundreds of bloggers who have accepted The Nesting Place, 31 Days Challenge, to write about one subject every day.

31 Tips to save money and get out of Debt 2

We are going to be trying to post posting 31 tips on how to become debt free.

We have been able to stay debt free…

… (except for our mortgage) for just about the whole 29 years we have been married, living on a very modest income, and having 12 children.

We have been asked by a lot of people how we do it? We are going to be sharing our tips that we have done and tips that we have learned along the way. We know several people who have been able to pay off thousand of dollars in debt and become debt free and you could too.

Follow us over the next 31 days as we share tips on how we keep our spending in check and still be able to have fun, enjoy ourselves, have quality family time and keep ourselves debt free.

Parents of a Dozen

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  1. I look forward to following you and finding out debt free tips! My hubby and I have started Dave Ramsey's Program about 2 years ago, and it has changed our lives!!

    1. How awesome! Thanks for following and I hope you find some helpful tips along the way.

  2. I was getting ready to head to Hobby Lobby but after reading your first couple of posts I think I will see what crafty things I have here to use! Thanks for saving me around $40 or so!

    1. Your welcome, Leslie! The more you do not spend the better you will feel. Especially as you see your statements at the end of each month.


Thank you for your comments!