Tip #9: 15 Ideas for a Free or Cheap Date Night

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Seeing that the weekend is tomorrow we thought we would share some ideas for a free or cheap date night. That sounds bad, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have an enjoyable evening.

Tip 9   15  Ideas for a Free or Cheap Date Night

We have always been a little tight with money some years were worse than others. Even if you don’t have any money or are in debt there is no reason you can’t have fun. We have found a lot of things to do for really cheap or for free. We feel it is important for any relationship, whether it is with your spouse or your children to take the time to be together and have fun.

If you need a sitter, ask a family member or trade baby sitting with friends.

Tip #10 to get out of debt: 15 Ideas for a free or cheap date night

1. A Movie-in: Rent a movie from Redbox for a dollar and have popcorn. I can’t remember the last time we went to the theater. Better yet use a movie you have or a free one from the library.

2. Take a bike ride: Pack a snack, stop somewhere, and enjoy.

3. Play cards or a board game: My husband hates loosing. I usually let him win. lol.

4.  Go out for an appetizer: Instead of going out for dinner, go and get an appetizer. It is just nice to get out sometimes. Read my post on How to Save Money Eating Out.

5. Have friends overs: Ask each couple to bring an appetizer and their beverage of choice. This way the cost is kept to a minimum, and the thought of having people over is not overwhelming.

6. Go on a picnic: Find a local park or forest preserve.

7. Have a pot luck dinner with friends: Have everyone bring a dish.

8. Go for a walk: This is nice to get out, get exercise, and be able to talk.

9. Work on a puzzle: This is a nice to do because you could still have a conversation at the same time.

10. Go to a concert in the park: Several of the towns around us have concerts in the park during the summer. Check the schedule and mark your calendar for a day when there is music you enjoy. You could usually bring your own beverage and snacks.

11. Have friends over for a game night: Play a different game each time or the same favorite.

12. Take a tour of a winery: They are usually free or cheap, at least the ones we have been to.

13. Take time to just talk: We enjoy having a glass of wine and take a walk around the yard, sit on the porch, or by a fire on the patio. We love to have a little time, just the two of us. The kids know this is our time and not to bother us.

14. Cook meals together: This could actually be fun.

15. Dinner-in: Make your spouse their favorite meal, have a bottle of wine and eat by candlelight. (Put a movie on for the kids in another room.)

These are just a few ideas.

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Follow us over the remainder of the month as we share tips on how we keep our spending in check and still be able to have fun, enjoy ourselves, have quality family time, and keep ourselves debt free.

We love to have comments. Let us know how you are doing with your check list. If you have any questions, comment below.

See you tomorrow.

Doug and Sharon

(Parents of a Dozen)

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