Tip #6 How to Cut More Car Expenses

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Tip #6 Buy a Used Car

We have owned several cars throughout the years and none of them were ever bought new. That may not sound to strange to some of you, but considering my father-in-law worked at a dealership for 40 years you would have thought we would have bought at least one new one.

We have always lived very frugal and never could justify having car payments for a new car.

Car Silhouette

Our last post was on eliminating a car and how it may be possible for you. If that is not an option you may consider:

Selling a car that you have payments on and then buying a used car with cash. That savings alone would be huge. You could look on craigslistusedcars.net and check other local classified ads. As you learn ways to save money with some of the tips we will be sharing in the next couple of weeks, and on how to aquire more money, you may be able to do this.

Tip #6 Buy a Used Car

Another option would be to sell a car that has bad gas mileage and buy one that gets good gas mileage. This could save you hundreds of dollars a month depending on how much you drive and your current gas mileage.

It may not be worth it to sell and buy a car to get more miles/gal. if you have to have car payments. The payments may be more than what you were spending on the gas.

(To figure your miles per gallon. Fill your tank with gas, write down the miles from your odometer, the next time you fill up your tank write down the miles on your odometer, and how many gallons of gas you put into the tank. Subtract the second reading from the first and you have how many miles you drove. Now take the total number of miles and divide that by the number of gallons of gas that was added and you will get the miles per gallons.)

There are cars out there that could get 50 miles/gal. (I wish ours did!)Smile

Unfortunately our bus, as we call it, does not get good gas mileage at all. This is one of the reasons we try to eliminate as many unnecessary trips as possible.

Do you buy new or used cars? 

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Follow us over the remainder of the month as we share tips on how we keep our spending in check and still be able to have fun, enjoy ourselves, have quality family time, and keep ourselves debt free.

We love to have comments. Let us know how you are doing with your check list. If you have any questions, comment below.

See you tomorrow.

Doug and Sharon

(Parents of a Dozen)

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