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We are about a third of the way through our 31 day challenge and it’s time for a quick summary of your savings. (A little behind schedule.)

Savings Summary, 31 Tips to save money and get out of Debt

Tip #1 How to Find Excess Spending. Explained more in other post; Savings ???

Tip #2 How to save Money on your Energy Bills. Lower your thermostat 3-4 degrees; Savings $30 a month

Tip #3 How to Save Money on Lunches; Bring a lunch 1 additional day to work (includes buying the cheaper lunch when you do go out) Savings $60 a month.

Tip #4 How to Save Money Eating Out; use coupons, share a meal, skip an appetizer or drink, share baby sitter duties with another couple Savings $75 a month.

Tip #5 How to Save Money on your Car and Tip #6 How to Cut More Car Expenses; Selling a second vehicle or buying a used car with better gas millage, are big decisions for families that really need to get their debt under control but can be big monthly savings. (combined anywhere from $375 - $800 a month). These depend on each persons own circumstance but the saving can be enormous. We have known people who have done this and really helped them get their debt under control and their lives back.

Tip #7: 20 Tips to Conserve Water and Save $$$; Savings $20 a month.

Tip #8: 20 Activities for Cheap or Free Family Fun to try; Savings $30 a month.

Tip #9: 15 Ideas for a Free or Cheap Date Night; Savings $40 a month.

But if we include only tips 2,3,4,7, 8, & 9, your monthly saving is $255 a month or $3,060 a year so far. That in its self is outstanding. This can go a long way towards paying off credit card debt, medical bills or whatever debt you may have that you want to get rid of.  All by doing a few tips from above. (We are only 1/3 the way!) Not a lot of sacrifice at this point to save some money. Now think about if you doubled each of these activities how much saving you would have (close to $6,000 a year). Would this help you to get out of DEBT?

Stay tuned for more saving ideas.

What do you like about these tips? Comment below.

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We love to have comments. Let us know how you are doing with your check list. If you have any questions, comment below.

See you tomorrow.

Doug and Sharon

(Parents of a Dozen)

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