Tip #4 How to Save Money Eating Out

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Everyone is different. Some people eat out quite often, while others only eat out occasionally. Whichever way you go, you can save money eating out.

31 Tips to save money Eating Out

If you are trying to cut your debt, not eating out or eating out less can definitely save you lots of money. However,

we believe it is important for your relationship with your spouse. For us personally, eating out gives us a chance to have a “Date Night,” a break from the kids, and the never ending “to do list,”  and focus on ourselves for an evening. We usually go out once a week.  Sometimes it is more or less.  This really helps keep our relationship going strong. (Another tip to get out of debt, will be cheap “Date Night” ideas. Stay tuned!)

So what should you do?

Tip #4: Save Money Eating Out

Don’t be afraid to use coupons!

One thing we do is use Restaurant.com coupons. Depending on the time during the month, you can get gift certificates for $2.00 which can get you 50% off your purchase, any time. No joke. We have shared this with everyone we know because the savings are great! We try and plan when we want to go out, check out the participating restaurants, buy a coupon for that restaurant, and go out and have a great time. It’s that easy.

Another thing you can do is check your mail for coupons for local restaurants offering buy one get one free coupons or specials to get you to try their restaurant. This is a great way to save money and taste the local restaurants in your community.

If you have a favorite restaurant check there specials. Most restaurants offer specials throughout the week.

Check out the Entertainment Books. They offer a wide variety of options for dinning out in your area. However, they will cost you about $25 or so depending on where you live. So be sure that the book has a good variety of options in your area or you may just end up wasting money.


If you don’t have any coupons there is still ways to save on dinning out.

Enjoy the time out, but order one of the cheaper meals.

Skip the appetizer.

Just order an appetizer or two. A place by us offers half price appetizers. It is nice just to get out and these can be very filling and a lot cheaper than two dinners.

Share a dinner. Some meals are big enough to share.

Skip the drink or have one at home before you go out. Drinks really add up. We usually order water with a lemon.

Don’t get the desert. It’s probably not good for you anyway. :- )

If baby sitting is a problem for you, see if you can find another couple to take turns baby sitting with. It won’t cost you anything (another savings) and gives you that chance to get out.

There are many other coupon options out there. If you know of any that are good, please share them with us and our readers. We’re all in this together.

Savings: It depends on how often you eat out, but if you only go out 3 times a month and use some of the coupon ideas listed, you will save somewhere around $75 per month or $900 dollars a year. Again, couponing might seam like such an obvious tip, but it really works, that’s real saving you can count on.

Do you use coupons when you dine out?

What tips could you share with us and our readers?


Doug and Sharon

(Parents of a Dozen)

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