Tip #10 How to Save Money on Subscriptions

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I bet most everyone could take advantage of this tip.

Tip #10: Free up space in your mail box by canceling subscriptions.

You could save your self a little or a lot of money depending on how many subscriptions you have.

Tip #10 to get out of Debt, How to save money on subscriptions 

Most of them maybe charged

automatically right to your credit card. If there is a magazine you really like you may be able to get it from the library for free.

You may have a subscription to some online website like we did.

We ordered a subscription to Consumer Report on line several months ago when we needed to buy a new washer and dryer. We were going to cancel it after the one month, but I keep on forgetting or to do it. It is not much but it is still $5.00 a month we could be using for food or other necessity. We were not even reading any of the articles. (I just canceled it today!)

The money you save on these subscriptions could be put towards your debt. If you add up the savings from each of these tips you will see how much unnecessary money is spent monthly that will help get your debt paid off.

Do you have any subscriptions that you could cancel?

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Saving’s Summary

Follow us over the remainder of the month as we share tips on how we keep our spending in check and still be able to have fun, enjoy ourselves, have quality family time, and keep ourselves debt free.

We love to have comments. Let us know how you are doing with your check list. If you have any questions, comment below.

See you tomorrow.

Doug and Sharon

(Parents of a Dozen)

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