Tip #11 How to Save Money on Your Phone Service

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Sorry we are so behind on these tips. We are slightly busy! This tip, to help you get out of debt, could save you a considerable amount of money each month.

Tip #11 to get out of Debt, How to save money on your phone bill

Tip # 11 Cut out phone services you don’t need!

Cancel a phone line! Everyone needs a phone. So, you can’t cancel all your phones, but most people have multiple phones, a cell and a land line and could get by with one. We know several people who have canceled their land line, and don’t miss it. If you know how much you spend on it, then you know how this could really add up month after month.

If you only have a land line, or can’t do without it,  then you could probably cut some of the extra “add on” services that are really not needed. Take out your phone bills, look at all the charges and see if there is something that could be eliminated. If you don’t know what a certain charge is for, then call the company and have them explain each line item. You will probably be surprised to see there are several added on services you really don’t need and could be saving that money.

Another way you could save money on your phone bill is to look for a different long distance carrier. This is especially important if you make a lot of long distance phone calls.

Look into a bundle package deal from your phone company. This is where you have one set price for your phone bill. There will not be any surprise months. It will cost the same every month and includes all long distant calls, call waiting, and other phone services. (I don’t know how it works for out of the country calls.)

How much money do you spend on your phones each month?

Is this a place you could cut back?


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Saving’s Summary

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Doug and Sharon

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