How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

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I showed you how we organize our bathroom here. Below is one of the pictures I showed, and we got several requests to show how we framed our mirror. We have framed several mirrors, shown below. Some of the frames we used mitered corners, and some of the frames we used straight side cuts with square corner pieces. The second way, is WAY EASIER.


The first thing to do, is to choose a casing to use for the frame. We used several different …

…styles and kinds, the easiest to use is the MDF. The wood ones tend to warp, especially in a bathroom.
In this frame we mitered the corners, glued and then used a power nail gun to hold the corners together. We then caulked the corners, touched up the caulk with paint, and then we attached the frame to the mirror, using the method shown below.

Normandy 386

   Normandy 387

Here are pictures with and without the frame.
(We always use Shaklee Basic H to clean the mirrors. It works great, leaves no streaks, is super concentrated, is inexpensive and safe for our family.)

Normandy 389
Normandy 410

When painting the casing, make sure you either prime, or buy primed boards, then paint them the color of your choice.


It is also important to paint the edge of the back side of the casing, that will be on the inside edge of the mirror, or it will show in the mirror, when it is installed.


These are the corner pieces, that we used for some of the mirrors, which made it easier to install, and I like the way it looks better. 

We use double sided sticky tape, to attach the frame or pieces to the mirror. We bought this roll of tape from a garage sale, for 50 cents. I would think you could buy some of this double sided sticky tape in craft stores, or department stores that sell crafts.  I also know of some people who use liquid nails to adhere the frame  to the mirror. (You will need to use tape to hold it in place until the liquid nail dries.)


Apply the tape, remove the plastic covering, and then apply to the mirror. Make sure you place it in the right spot, because it is not easy to remove.

Repeat for each piece, caulk the adjoining pieces, and touch up with paint, if necessary. 


Here are some more pictures of mirrors, without and with a frame.
 Normandy 391

Normandy 404

2010-05 165 

  Before and After

2010 017
Before and After
 2010 014
Do you think the frames are an improvement?
Doug and Sharon Heasley
(Parents of a Dozen)
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  1. The frames look so awesome! Great tips! Thank you!
    xoxo, Jessica

  2. Wooooow. I am learning so much! I never break things down and say "why does this look so beautiful" it just DOES. But after seeing your side-by-side pics, the frames really do matter (I have never once actively "noticed" the frames). Thanks! ;) My husband is going to be so happy when he sees my new to-do list! ;)

    1. LOL! Our to do list is always growing! Thanks for the comment! I think the frames around the mirrors make the rooms look sharper and more finished.

  3. My mirror has been installed with those little metal mirror clips and is off the wall a bit. Was this your situation and will this work for me?


Thank you for your comments!