Great Finds

I really like to go to garage sales, but I just haven’t had the time to go much the last few years. Just about all of my furniture and decorations are second hand.  I really have a hard time spending a lot of money on things that will get killed gently worn by  so many children. I like changing things out occasionally and I don’t mind doing so if I didn't spend a lot of money, and if I am able to find something to replace worn items or if I am just tired of it. 
My next door neighbor was having a garage sale last week so I was able to check out what she had. I found a couple of great finds for my den/library. I bought this lamp which is an antique for only $5.00, and these globes which I believe may also be an antique, all 3 for $8.00. (what a deal). I am not sure if this is where I will keep them, but this is where they are for now.


I really think they go well with the other items in the room. IMG_3572 
Here are some close-ups of the globes.


I put them on top of our roll top desk.
This is another angle of the room.

And another angle. The picture hanging on the wall is of my husbands Grandfather in his World War I uniform. I should have taken a close up.

Have you been able to find any “Great Finds” lately?

Parents of a Dozen


  1. Those are GREAT finds! I love all of it, but especially the globes. Those are REALLY cool!

  2. Yes, great finds! I really like your room. Much like a library, it exudes knowledge and history! :)

    On a side note, I'm getting ready to leave a note on your "wallpaper removal" post.


  3. I love the globes. I found 1 a while back but have been keeping my eyes peeled for more. What great luck to find 3 different ones.


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