How to Prepare a Floor For Ceramic Tile

IMG_1535We will be posting on how to install ceramic tile, but before ceramic tile is installed, it is important to have the proper underlayment. You will need to have at least one and a quarter inch of subflooring to prevent cracking of tiles over time. This is including the subflooring that is usually 3/4 inch. This is always a step that takes time, no one ever sees it, and people don’t realize the extra time and expense that goes into a job. The baseboards and shoe-base also need to be removed before this step. Here is a bathroom that has the underlayment installed , which is actually a cement board.   Installing the cement board is like putting together a puzzle. The board has to be cut to fit the entire floor.
Here for this angle cut, we used a utility knife to score one side of the board and then the board is snapped in half.     
Here hubby is cutting a hole to go around the drain for the toilet.IMG_1581  IMG_1404
   It is also important to remember to cut the opening for the vents. We forgot once (lol), luckily we remembered before the tiles were set. IMG_1609IMG_1620  Here is our puzzle!
IMG_1406These are the type screws that are needed be used with cement board.
IMG_1655These are little on the hard side to screw in.
Then a cement mesh is used on the  seams.
IMG_1413 The next step is to mix some thin-set or mortar…IMG_1416…to be used over the mesh…IMG_1417…and screws, to set them and to prevent any movement.IMG_1422 Here are the boards ready for the tiles.
IMG_1423 Make sure you follow along to see how to install the ceramic tile.
Do you need new tile somewhere?

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  1. Our master shower is STILL not tiled. The tile is sitting in the garage, where it's been, for almost four years. Sad, I know. Your project makes me want to finally get it done even more.


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