Celebrating our 29th Anniversary!

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Last week was another busy week for us. We celebrated 29 years of marriage, our daughter’s birthday, and our son’s  birthday. We also had guest in from out of town, a 50th birthday party to go to, and my Mother-in-law had a hip replacement, who is now having complications from that. (Please pray that she recovers quickly.)

2012-07-21 Jim Stari's 50th Birthday party 2012-07-21 007

When I had our daughter, Rachelle, thirteen years ago. I was so happy that it was the day before our anniversary because I didn’t want to share the same day. Well, so much for that,  two years later we had William on our anniversary. Now, we usually go out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary on another day. It is just not the same!

2012-07-23 birthdays and Anniv. 2012-07-23 038

We had some family stop by and we sang to both of the kiddios,  (It was hot and William was wearing a bathing suit. lol)

It was a nice day!

Sharon & Doug

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