Shaklee Powered Olympians Win Medals!

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The Olympics are over but the adrenalin lives on. The USA rocked this summer didn’t they?

2012-08-08 Vegas Convention 2012-08-07 251

I’m usually not such a big fan of watching the game but hearing about the large number of athletes that are Shaklee users made me want to watch this year more that usual. At our Shaklee Global Conference in Las Vegas, we had a live feed to London with our Shaklee Olympians talking to us about

their experiences, the medal ceremonies and of course, how the Shaklee products help power them to victory. They shared how many of their teammates and competitors are switching to Shaklee as they contain the best ingredients, nothing harmful or illegal and best of all work effectively. The chant of USA, USA, USA was bone chilling.

The Woman’s 8 person rowing team won Gold medals, four of which are Shaklee users. At the Conference they joked about how they where all paddling on the same side of the boat and the boat kept veering to the one side so they had to switch positions to even it out, two Shaklee athletes on each side of the boat, then they were able to go straight.

2012-08-02 USA Rowing Team

Below is Eli Bremer, Caption of the Shaklee Pure Performance Team!


Corey Cogdell, a good friend of Eli Bremer and an Olympic Trap Shooter, Interviewed all the Shaklee athletes for us. Her boyfriend is an offensive take for the Denver Broncos.

2012-08-08 Shaklee Convention 2011-10-08 357

Here is Corey interviewing Caryn Davies, Gold metal winner.

2012-08-08 Vegas Convention 2012-08-09 051

This is Troy Dumais, who won a Bronze Medal for Men’s Synchronized Diving 3M Springboard.


Seth Kelsey won a Bronze for Fencing!

Seth Kelsey, Fencer

Here are some of the Shaklee athletes that competed in London. To see the whole Shaklee Pure Performance Team click here.

Dennis Bowsher, Pentathlete

Corey Cogdell, Trap Shooter

Caryn Davies, Rower

Troy Dumais, Diver

Margaux Isaksen, Pentathlete

Seth Kelsey, Fencer

Eleanor Logan, Rower

Keith Sanderson, Rapid Fire Pistol Shooter

I think it is so cool how the Olympians trust and use the Shaklee products. We have been using them for over 13 years now, and I know they are the best products on the market!

To see more information in our previous post about these athletes click HERE.

Do you want to use the best products on the market?


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