Basement Recliner Couches

A couple of weeks ago I posted about our family room and kitchen update and how we rearrange our furniture. I thought I would show you how we put the sectional couches from our family room into the basement. They are really comfortable and there are FOUR recliners. I really like recliners! This room looks like it is finished, but it is really not. The walls are cement with a stucco (I think? It came with the house. We were fortunate that it was partially finished.) on it and painted. There is no insulation and no electric on these walls and the carpet is just laid in down. Adding walls, electric and floors will be another project someday.

Another angle
We use this room for the older children to hang out with their friends and the little ones will use it to have a place to play and watch movies.

How do you use your basement?

Parents of a Dozen

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