How to Make a Baby Bib

Here is our little girl wearing her new bib. I can’t believe she is already 7 months old. (Here she is 6 months.)  She is very small for her age. She was 8 pounds and 2 ounces when she was born. I started giving her baby food at 5 months. I could tell she wasn’t getting enough from just breast feeding. Since then she put on around 2 1/2 pounds, is filling out, and is more content.IMG_2964

I made her a bib like ones I have made in the past. I used a shape of a bib I liked the size from, as a pattern. I like these better and they seem to hold up better than the several others I have had in the past.  I use a button which the child can not pull off of them self.
Snap bibs seem to rip by the snap.
Tie bibs are a pain to have to tie all the time.
Velcro bibs just don’t last. The Velcro just doesn’t stay.
The kind of bibs that you have to pull over the head,  gets pulled off (by the child) or when your done feeding the baby and the bib is all dirty, it smears on the child's face or in their hair.
Those are the reasons I make my own bibs.
My daughter tells me I think things through way to much. (lol)
My daughters and I have also made some of these bibs for gifts. We have used different fabrics and patterns also. I actually like the denim the best because it washes and wears the best, with the least amount of staining.
For this bib I am using a pair of jeans that didn’t fit anyone any more. I cut the legs off and down the one seam. Opened them up and put them on top of each other, wrong sides together. (Sorry, I started to cut the bib then I remembered to take a picture.)IMG_3810 This bib I used as a pattern, I made years ago.
I just cut about a half of an inch around the whole bib. I placed my pattern in a position so the seam would be wear I wanted it. IMG_3812
IMG_3813 Then I put the right sides together….
…and pinned it together. I used a black, hair, rubber band for the loop for the button. I sewed it together to make a loop to fit over the button I was going to use.
The loop has to be pinned in the way it is shown below.
IMG_3830 Then I sewed the bib a half of an inch in from the edge, leaving a 4 inch space on the side, so I could turn it right side out.
Before it is reversed, one of the edges should be trimmed to lay nicer.
The outside curves need to be notched and the inside curve must have several slits in the seam allowance, or it will be very bunchy when it is reversed. Do not cut through the stitching.
Here is the opening after I flipped it.
Then I sewed around a 1/4 of an inch in from the edge.
IMG_3841 Then I added a button, and sewed a little bow on, to make it more girly. Here is the finished bib. Sorry about the bad quality of pictures. I really need to get a better camera.
IMG_3842 Here is my little sweetie fashioning the new bib.
IMG_2968 IMG_2971 IMG_2963
What do you think?

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  1. I love my sweet sister. Bib looks good mom, I didn't even know you made a new one

  2. I love this idea! Recently, I made some foofoo bibs out of cutsie fabric and machine quilted them. My intention is (was) to sell them in a small, local shop. But they were way too much work, especially knowing they'll get stained and yucky. We live in an area where people do not shop for foof, they shop for price and practicality. Very wise! :)

    Andrea L.

  3. Ohhhh I just want to squeeze that baby girl!! Thanks for linking up it was a great tutorial! Just wanted to let you know you've been featured at The Kurtz Corner FB fan page, come check it out!

  4. Love this idea! Adorable baby and family! You are SO very blessed!

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  6. OK, I would NEVER have thought of using a button and loop closure. I love it - I found this just now on Pinterest, so I will definitely try it out. Thank you so much for sharing it!!

    1. I like using a button because the child is not able to pull it off like most bibs.


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