Campout in the Yard

How are you all doing? How has the weather been for you? This past weekend was beautiful. We went to the apple orchard, and two fall festivals, and the fall color was perfect.
A couple of weeks ago we had a little campout in the back yard. We have gone camping a few times in the past but it has been a long time and is really hard to plan and pack for a camp out with all the kids. It is either too hot, too buggy, too cold, not having the time to spend preparing and packing for a camp out. And not to mention schedules. Could you tell we are not campers. lol! So we decided to have a little campout in the back yard with the younger children. The weather was cool but not cold, and we decided that afternoon. The older boys helped set up the tent.

Our little guys were right there helping, also.
IMG_2484 IMG_2478IMG_2495
They were having so much fun.
Here are the little helpers again, getting the inside of the tent ready by sweeping out grass and opening the screens.
IMG_2497 IMG_2498
Mom, Dad, the three little boys and our little babe, all slept out in the tent. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to but it was nice and I am glad I did.  (The air mattresses helped.) Here is our little girl sleeping. (Sorry for the bad pic. again.)IMG_2505
It got kind of cool outside and there was a lot of condensation on the inside of the tent.
It was only on our side of the tent and dripped only on my Does anyone know why that would happen?
IMG_2501 The next morning was a little chilly…IMG_2499
…so we started a fire…
IMG_2517  and cooked sausages over the fire.
IMG_2522 Yummy!!
IMG_2524 I also cooked eggs inside!
IMG_2525 The next day was a beautiful day also.
IMG_2531 Have you ever thought about having a little campout in the yard?
Parents of a Dozen

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  1. love this idea, my oldest girls have been begging us to do that. I think once it cools off we will definitely have to, looks like fun :)

  2. It was fun and WAY easier! Not all that packing.


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