Room Switches: Our two year old gets her own room

This week we started to set up our daughter, Mary’s bedroom. She has been in our room since she was born,  and now that our daughter, Elisabeth, is getting married in just THREE WEEKS (I can't believe it is already here!), we are going to be moving just about all the children into new rooms. Yes, all the other children are jealous that she gets her own room. There are 10 children in the house, we have six bedrooms, and never used the basement bedroom before, other than as a gest room and toy room. We don’t like having our children in the basement because we have done that at our old house and we rarely saw the children that were down there. We have our own room, finally! Our daughter is moving out when she gets married, our 26 old son was moved down to the basement bedroom, the three younger boys, 12, 9, and 6, are moving to the large bonus room, the 19 and 17 year old boys share a room and the 16 and 14 year old girls are going to share a room. So where do you put the 2 year old? By herself! Who else wants to share a room with a two year old that takes naps and goes to bed early most of the time.

This room was our almost 26 year old son’s room. I should have taken a picture of it before I moved him to the bedroom in the basement.  You could see his new room farther down.

In this room I am going to paint the walls, bed, & mirror, and pick bedding, curtains & new wall décor. (All of the black was from my son’s room.) I just thought I would share some pictures along the way.


Here is her closet. The shelves, baskets and dresser I also bought from garage sales. I will be painting them also. My goal was to have all the painting done before we moved her into her room, but as you could tell that didn’t happen.







I bought the Pottery Barn kitchen set, the high chair and table and chairs from garage sales in the Spring.







Mary loves her new room! Excuse the messy hair.




Here is David in his new room. He is so excited! Can you tell?




I even set up his computer for him, but the wireless internet doesn’t work down there and his cell phone doesn’t get service. Now you know why he was so excited to move to the basement.

We are going to run a direct line to his computer and we are going to be changing phone carriers soon. (Any suggestions on a good cell phone provider?)


Behind the curtains are all the bins of toys that will go to the younger boys room when their room get changed.

What would you do?

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Doug and Sharon Heasley

(Parents of a Dozen)

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  1. Go David! Don't get internet access to your room. It will be better that way. No electro magnetic pollution.
    Aunt Ellen

  2. I love the little one's room. Cute dolls over there.


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